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Is Real Estate Right For You?
Start:  Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018  6:30 PM
End:  Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018  8:00 PM

1010 North Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123   directions   parking »

Hosted By: Joe Scorese

Event Features: Business Networking

Presented By: Laurence Elliott, Broker The first step in this process is making sure that real estate is right for you. As a real estate salesperson, each day is spent working for you. This means handling your own office management, paperwork, prospecting leads, developing relationships, managing contacts, and dealing with buyers and sellers. Reach out to local real estate agents and brokers and ask them questions about what the day-to-day work is like. Ask questions about real estate as a long-term career. Starting a full-time career as a real estate agent can?t be treated like a hobby. It requires a full commitment. Make sure real estate is the right path for you. But, one question consistently comes from people looking to enter the real estate industry: 'How do I become a real estate agent?' The simple answer is, ?it depends.? Limit Space and Please RSVP!

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